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    YASTIK by Rifat Ozbek Scented Candles 

    Celebrating its 10th year - Our designer Rifat Ozbek's luxury cushion brand YASTIK is launching its first home fragrance in the form of two scented candles in contrasting moods. The fragrances were created with London perfumer Azzi Glasser.

    The evocative ISTANBUL is a sensual blend of Bitter Orange enhanced with warm Oriental spices on a base accord of Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Musk oils.

    "This scent expresses my love of people, parties and places, of the tastes and intoxicating smells of the Orient and the fragrant orange grove in my beloved garden in the south of Turkey - the place I most love to return to"

    In the cooler and more artful LONDON fragrance, natural Lavender oils are captured in the heart surrounded by influences of Amber and soft woods.

    "Tranquil yet intriguing this subtle fragrance reflects my other love of peaceful solitude at home in London regenerating, invigorating walks in the city's beautiful parks, quiet visits to galleries, my meditation and music"


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  • All about our lavender

    Lavender is indigenous to the Mediterranean area and is a perennial herb plant, with a heavenly fragrance, that grows best in climates that don't have a lot of high heat or humidity. The lavender agriculture is started to be made in Kuyucak quarter in Keçiborlu town in Isparta. 
    The lavender in Isparta comes into flower in July and the lavender valley shaping in blue both catches the visitors’ eyes and is plenty of nectar and pollen source for the bees, producing aromatic and healing honey. 
    Lavender has been used medicinally for centuries and is reputed to have relaxing and healing properties. A generous amount of lavender has been sprinkled in to every feather and down filled cushion.

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    Our inside pillow is ideal for couches. It combines the softness of down pillow and the good support of feather pillow.

    Care Instruction-Machine wash, dry, and fluff. Each pillow vacuum packed.

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