Lavender Sachet (Medium)

This collection of lavender squares is made using traditional hand embroidery crafts from Turkey. Over the centuries and dating back to the Ottomans, embroidery has always been part of the Turkish way of life from the Sultan's court to remote villages. Various regions in Turkey have developed their own methods and styles of embroidery. Here, we have selected the very refined, delicate and colorful Sile-style needle embroidery and flamboyant, very technical, labour intensive, metal thread cutting (Tel Kirma).

The Sile technique is conventional, wide-spread and easy to master. It allows great variety of patterns and colors. Tel Kirma, on the other hand, requires the making of special needles and great skill when manipulating the metal while threading it. The overall result is very eye-catching and rich looking since threads can be gold, silver or copper.

Our beautiful hand made and embroidered lavender filled bags come in various sizes and are available in gift boxes and they make the perfect home or celebration gift. The small sizes can be used as keyring fobs or for your coat hangers, the medium size for your linen or closet drawers and the large size for your pillows, the fragrance is long lasting and will help you drift off to sleep. Placing the sachet in the closet for clothes not only brings fragrance, but also helps in pest control. The lavender also soothes the nerves and aids sleep.


  • Sachet Size: 18*22 cm, Weight: 250g Box Size: 25*20*6 cm
  • Please note that the lavender sachet comes in many colors and shades, not necessarily the exact same as the image 

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