• Vintage “Yazma” Lavender Sachet / Style 102-7

Vintage “Yazma” Lavender Sachet / Style 102-7

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This collection of lavender squares is made using traditional hand embroidery crafts from Turkey. Over the centuries, embroidery has always been part of the Turkish way of life, especially throughout Anatolia. Various regions developed their own methods and styles of embroidery. In this vintage collection, we selected very refined, delicate and colorful, labour intensive motifs and designs reflecting the feelings of the Anatolian people, the Anatolian culture and arts. Each delicate embroidery trimming is a hand-woven work of art, the antique fabrics chosen with utmost care and attention are all comprised of silk and cotton and hand-printed with natural dye. 

The beautiful hand-made and delicately embroidered lavender filled bags are available in gift boxes and make the perfect home or celebration gift. The fragrance is long lasting and will help you drift off to sleep. The lavender soothes the nerves and aids sleep.


  • Sachet Size: 21*24 cm, Weight: 250g Box Size: 25*20*6 cm

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